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Building & Construction - Product Testing

Our testing activities provide an extensive array of testing, calibration, inspection and evaluation capabilities across a diverse range of technologies. Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive service of its kind in Southern Africa.

The SABS Building & Construction group of laboratories comprise of the biggest testing facility for containers and structures in the southern hemisphere, a Fire Engineering laboratory where structures, furniture, safes, carpets and other products can be tested in order to obtain a fire rating or index, a Cement laboratory where full physical and chemical analyses of cement and cement products can be performed and a Building Materials laboratory where cargo nets, safety nets, concrete products, bricks, safety glass, as well as various structures such as, roof trusses, stadium seating and pavilions are tested. Testing includes tensile properties, finite analysis, performance analysis, product analysis and flammability.

Related Testing on Products

Masonry, units, paving units, concrete products, roofing materials, aggregates and sand, mortar & plaster, cement, lime and cement extenders, natural building stone, etc 
Testing of building materials to determine their performance and evaluate their usability
Evaluation of building systems, and testing of structures to determine their performance   
Testing of timber and furniture, and related products
Fire protection engineering: handheld fire protection equipment, fixed fire protection installation, and classification of dangerous goods. Auditing and investigation services is also provided in building plans, fire safety of buildings, fire investigation and fixed fire protection installations