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SANC - Overview

The existence of the South African National [Electrotechnical] Committee (SANC) is mandated by the IEC as a condition of membership, to be representative of the National stakeholders in the electrotechnical sector. This mandate aligns with the SABS’s mandate to fully engage with relevant stakeholders in developing National Standards and results in the SABS-SANC agreement to fulfil the requirement of IEC membership without deviating for the mandate of the SABS through the Standards Act. AFSEC has modelled its structure on that of the IEC, with its Statutory [voting] members being the same National Committees that are either members of IEC or otherwise NECs through the IEC affiliate programme.

The day to day activities of SANC of voting and commenting on IEC and AFSEC Council documents are administered by the NC Secretariat, which provides the same support in respective of voting and commenting on the working documents for the mirror committee of the IEC and AFSEC committees where South Africa holds membership.