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Certification & Accreditation - Why use the SABS?

We are committed to the highest service levels with intensive customer care - our objective is not just a satisfied customer, but a delighted customer.

But dont take our word for it! Here are some of the reasons listed by our clients for choosing us as their certification body:

  • the most professional and best known in this field in South Africa
  • the most competent and knowledgeable
  • SABS Certification has infrastructure to provide back-up service and long term commitment

Given the extent and diversity of technologies we cover, we are in a position to match the auditor with the technology required. Because the auditor is well equipped to deal with the technology concerned, your certificate (and system) will have more value.

Thanks to the existing infrastructure of SABS, we are capable of operating in almost any technological, business and service field. We are able to objectively and correctly evaluate and audit an organization and provide input in all the major divisions of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).

We are involved with ISO/TC 176, the technical committee that developed the ISO/ SANS 9001 series of documents. We employ several internationally recognized experts who participate in these technical committee working groups; their participation enables them to obtain the latest international knowledge and experience in the quality management field, which is then incorporated into our auditing and assessment practices.

Business benefits

  • Measurable improvement in product and service quality
  • Decrease in products not adhering to standards, so reducing faulty product returns and loss of reputation
  • Improvement of esteem in the marketplace
  • Increase in competitive edge
  • Improvement in internal communication
  • Improvement in quality awareness, and cultivation of a quality culture
  • Improvement in record keeping and control systems, leading to better decision making
  • Greater discipline in processes and procedures
  • Improvement in management efficiency
  • Certain international specifications are a minimum requirement to enter lucrative first-world markets

Customer benefits

  • Decrease in time wasted through downtime, faulty products and poor service
  • Decrease in raw materials wasted
  • Decrease in end-user products not adhering to standards
  • Improvement in stock control and record keeping
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Confidence in the supply chain