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Certification & Accreditation - Understanding the Mark

The SABS since September 2007, is converting all existing Mark logo's toward a single product certification Mark as shown below:

SABS Mark of Approval

The SABS Mark gives the assurance to the purchaser that the product meets the following:

  • Safety (complies with all statutory requirements)
  • Quality / fitness for purpose (meets an appropriate standard)
  • Redress (SABS intervention on behalf of customers)

The existing marks will be phased out as soon as feasible, after taking into account the cost of new tooling for the manufacturer.

Purchasers wishing to determine the specifications for which a mark is awarded should visit the Certification Search page.

Manufacturers wishing to convert should contact the relevant SABS auditor who will be able to supply the relevant high-resolution graphics.

Deviations from the above Single Mark

In the odd, exceptional, case of a product where there is no indication of the brand name or manufacturer, the manufacturer's permit number will be added as shown below :

Where there is a regulatory requirement to add the standard number or the Mark is for a product where only a small subset of the specification is tested, the standard number will be added as follows:


Manufacturers should please contact their auditor's for more detail.