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Certification & Accreditation - Publicising your Certification

ISO guidelines in terms of marketing the status of your company once it has been certified include the following:
  • Don't use ISO's logo
  • Don't adapt or modify ISO's logo for your use
  • If you want to use a logo, ask your certification body for permission to use its logo
  • If your organization is certified to ISO 9001, use the full designation (not just " ISO 9001")
  • Replace use of the generic terms "ISO 9000 certification" and "ISO 14000 certification" by the specific terms "ISO 9001 certification" and "ISO 14001 certification"
  • In the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 contexts, "certified" (and "certification") and "registered" (and "registration") are equivalent in meaning and you can use either term
  • Don't say your organization has been "accredited"

For more information, please read the Guidelines for publicising your ISO certification document.