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Certification & Accreditation - Certification Process

Obtaining the SABS Mark Certification

  • Your product must fall within a SABS/SANS national specification
  • The product is then fully tested to the specification
  • Your quality system is assessed to ISO 9000 or specific permit conditions
  • If the product and quality system comply with the requirements, a permit to apply the mark is issued
  • Regular product testing is conducted throughout the year, and feedback of test results is given
  • Assessments of your quality system are made at least twice per year, and full reports are issued

How to get the SABS Mark

Contact our Regional Specialists. They will davise you on the right steps to take towards certification. This includes identifying the relevant SABS mark (performance mark, safety mark, approved performance, environmental friendliness, packaging and other specialised certification marks) and the relevant standard, which will set out the characteristics and the performance criteria of your products.

In case of the SABS safety mark, compliance with the safety requirements is determined against an applicable compulsory standard. For the SABS performance mark a list of declared mark standards is available on request.

Following this, we will review your factory's quality system and competence on the product line. A SABS IS0 9001 system has advantages, but is not a prerequisite. Where a company is not certified to IS0 9001, we will prescribe a customised system.

One of the real benefits of the mark scheme is that your production line will deliver consistent quality products first time, every time.

Applying for the Mark

Complete the application form and send it to us together with the appropriate fee.

Our Mark Scheme staff will be delighted to answer any queries and assist you in processing your application. Once you have applied, we will direct you to the relevant expert on our Mark Scheme team to discuss your product range.

An auditor will visit your factory at a time that is convenient to you. We will advise you if there are any areas of your quality system where improvements are needed to meet our requirements. Once the products have passed the tests and the factory assessment is positive, you will be granted a SABS mark permit. Once this has been granted, we will ensure ongoing compliance of the products by regular post-permit tests on samples, regular audits on the quality system, and by inspecting the technical competencies of the factory.