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Testing - Coal Proficiency Overview

Participating in a proficiency testing scheme provides laboratories with an objective means of assessing and demonstrating the reliability of data they are producing.

Coalspec is a Coal Proficiency Testing scheme. It was founded in 1998 and has since been growing in the number of participants and improving in the quality and integrity of its services. To date the scheme has more than 50 participants, a third of these being international participants.

The aim of the Coalspec Proficiency Testing scheme is to assess the ability of the laboratories to competently perform the tests examined on this scheme from an independent point of view and offer technical assistance if required by clients.

Each Laboratory is allocated a random unique code for the programme to enable total confidentiality of the results.  In the report reference to specific laboratory and/or its results will only be made through the relevant code, assigned to that specific laboratory.

Sufficient material will be prepared for each round, to enable laboratories to acquire, for purposes of reference. These can be used as secondary reference materials and/or control samples, using the R-mean value as assigned values for respective tests.

Advantages of participating in a Coalspec Proficiency Testing scheme:

  • Forms a basis for accreditation
  • Self improvement initiative
  • Ensure consistency of performance
  • Self evaluation of laboratory against peer laboratories
  • International network of Coal laboratories
  • Demonstrate competitive advantage
  • Increase confidence in capability of staff, systems and equipments
  • Realise the capability of the Laboratory