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Standards - How we can help you?

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The Standards Division of the SABS develops, issues and provides information on standards in all Sectors & Services of industry.

The Standards Division is structured into nine departments, namely:

The Engineering & built environment department is responsible for the development of standards in the area of automotive components for vehicles, buses lifting equipment and other aspects of transportation, buildings, construction, civil, timber, mechanical engineering, mining and mining equipment, paraffin stoves, liquefied petroleum gas, vessels under pressure, solar water heaters,  storage vessels for petroleum products, rail, and road.

The Natural Science department is responsible for the development of standards in the area of textiles, clothing, leather and footwear, dangerous goods including explosives and gases,  chemical classification, transportation and storage, industrial chemical such as detergents and disinfectants, polishes, fuels, bio-fuels and petroleum products, paints, nano-technology,  food including dairy, meat, fish aqua-culture and water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, animal conservation, medical devices and other medical products and health related topics.

The Electrotechnical department is responsible for the development of standards in the area of acoustics, alternative energy sources, electricity conversion, electricity distribution and generation, the wiring code, electrical appliances, and physics.

The Systems & services department is responsible for the development of standards in the area of computer security, transport management systems, quality management systems, occupational health and safety management systems, security and safety management; environmental management and other generic management systems.

The Committee support department is responsible for providing the administration support to the committees and Chairpersons. It also provides the English and technical editing to the standards development process.

The Processes & innovation department is responsible for the maintenance of a credible, inclusive, transparent, impartial and efficient standards development process that promotes wider participation and consensus principles.

Sales provides information and sells SANS or international standards such ISO, IEC, BSI, ASTM in hardcopy or electronic format. It also offers full or tailor made subscriptions service to the entire collection of SANS.

The Economic impact & intellectual property department provides the in-depth analysis and research on international trade and economic trends that will inform the need to develop SANS and that will quantify the economic impact of SANS on the South African economy.

The Strategic partnership & international relations department ensures that strategic partnerships are developed and maintained with stakeholders at national, regional and international level to ensure that the SABS standards are leveraged and gain appropriate benefit from these relations. 

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Private Specifications

  • Private Specifications are developed for private organizations and government departments.
  • These standards are mainly product specifications, which are based on national standards.
  • Customers' requirements are clearly defined in the specification, which ensures advanced manufacturing practices and products of high quality.