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Project Title Sector Project Proposal Closing Date Comment Form
SANSXX/ISO 13577-2, Industrial furnaces Safety - Combustion and fuel handling systems CAPITAL EQUIPMENT View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25389 SANS XX Stop Block Lock For Vehicle Wheels METAL FABRICATION View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25439 ISO_24521 Guidelines for the management of basic on site domestic wastewater services GAS AND WATER View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25336 SANS 1116-1, Retro-reflective number plates: Blank plates (aluminium) AUTOMOTIVE View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25337 SANS 1116-2,: Number plates (aluminium) AUTOMOTIVE View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25338 SANS 1116-3 Blank plates (plastics) AUTOMOTIVE View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25339 SANS 1116-4 Number plates (plastics) AUTOMOTIVE View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25442 SANS 535-4 Requirements for tracking service providers ELECTROTECHNICAL AND ICT View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25422 EN 812 Industrial bump caps OTHER MANUFACTURING View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25440 Motorized Toilet CONSTRUCTION View 2019-04-24 Comment
PWI25457 SANS 10400-Q Part Q: Non-water-borne means of sanitary disposal WATER SUPPLY View 2019-04-26 Comment
PWI25458 SANS 626-2 Solid mineral fuels Part 2: Terms relating to sampling, testing and analysis MINING View 2019-04-26 Comment
PWI25011 SANS 10243 Manufacture and erection of timber trusses CONSTRUCTION View 2019-05-10 Comment
PWI25464 SANS 334 Solid mineral fuels – Determination of total sulfur – Eschka method MINING View 2019-05-10 Comment
PWI25466 SANS 10378 General requirements for the competence of verification laboratories OTHER – LEGAL METROLOGY View 2019-05-10 Comment
PWI25467 SANS 9994 Lighters- safety specification OTHER View 2019-05-10 Comment
PWI25470 ISO 50021 General guidelines for selecting energy savings evaluators BUSINESS SERVICES View 2019-05-10 Comment
PWI25469 SANS 22717 Cosmetics –Microbiology – Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PHARMACEUTICALS View 2019-05-14 Comment