Programme to promote wider stakeholder participation in development of national standards

SABS is required to ensure that all South African stakeholder groups are represented and participate equally in the development of national standards, in order to develop relevant standards, based on balanced needs and input of all stakeholders.

Recognising the need for wider and balanced stakeholder participation, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has embarked on a drive to increase and diversify its public engagement platforms, through partnerships with a number of organisations that own public engagement platforms. These platforms will enable stakeholders to participate in the following ways:

• Comment on proposals received by the SABS for the development of new standards;
• Draft standards before publication as well as news about standards, and
• Indicate interest to join standards development technical committees of interest.

The SABS will publish new work item proposals for development of standards, followed by draft standards that are being finalised for publication, and invite comments from all stakeholders who have an interest in or are impacted by national standards including government departments, regulators, private sector institutions, academic and research institutions, small medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), professional bodies, consumers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), etc., in all sectors of the South African economy.

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