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Environmental Management Services - Princicples

The environmental management system model follows the basic view of an organization, which subscribes to the following principles:

  • Principle 1 - Commitment and policy - An organization should define its environmental policy and ensure commitment to its environmental management system
  • Principle 2 – Plan - An organization should formulate a plan to fulfil its environmental policy.
  • Principle 3 – Implement - For effective implementation, an organization should develop the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve its environmental policy, objectives and targets
  • Principle 4 - Measure and evaluate - An organization should measure, monitor and evaluate its environmental performance
  • Principle 5 - Review and improve - An organization should review and continually improve its environmental management system, with the objective of improving its overall environmental performance

With this in mind, the environmental management system is best viewed as an organizing framework, that should be continually monitored and periodically reviewed to provide effective direction for an organization’s environmental activities in response to changing internal and external factors.

Every individual in an organization should accept responsibility for environmental improvements. The level of detail and complexity of the environmental management system, the extent of documentation and resources devoted to it, will be dependent on the size of an organization and the nature of its activities.

An organization has the freedom and flexibility to define boundaries and may choose to implement IS0 14000 with respect to the entire organization, or to specific operating units or activities of the organization. This is provided the scope of the environmental management system includes all areas, activities, products or services which are relevant to the defined unit or activity, which it can control and can be expected to have a significant impact on the environment.