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SABS is a leading business services provider to organizations worldwide, offering a range of services for management system certification, product testing and certification, and standardization.

This includes the standardization in the field of acoustics, electro-acoustics and mechanical vibration and shock, including all aspects of their effects on man and his environment relating to activities in the following fields: Environmental noise, Acoustic environments in buildings, Transportation noise and Noise prediction and propagation models validated for RSA conditions.

Application of the noise regulations will require sound power standards that are aligned with the international standards, to quantify the emission values of machines and equipment. Development of new technology necessitates the standardization and classification of sound and vibration measuring equipment, the methods of measurement and interpretation of results.

Growth in the use of electro-acoustic systems and related equipment, and their growing importance in legal proceedings, demand development and implementation of National standards in this field. The establishment of vibration and shock standards related to structures, machines and vehicles, is required in the rapidly expanding field of condition monitoring, product technical specification and diagnostic applications on rotating equipment.

Growing environmental awareness and the increasing awareness of quality implies the need for standardized requirements and test methods.