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SABS is a leading business services provider to organizations worldwide, offering a range of services for management system certification, product testing and certification, and standardization.

This includes the standardization in the field of manufacturing, conversion and testing in Transportation, including all aspects of their effects on man and his environment relating to activities in the following fields: retro-reflection and lighting and optics for traffic and transport, colours of signal lights, road traffic lights, graphical symbols in the field of safety signs, laminated safety glass for vehicles, toughened safety glass for vehicles, electrical connectors for towing and towed vehicles, lights for motor vehicles: incandescent lamps, lights for motor vehicles: headlights, lights for motor vehicles: secondary lights, warning lights, railway safety, safe restraint of cargo on all road vehicles including light passenger vehicles, buses, light and heavy goods vehicles, vehicles that are not powered by an internal or external combustion engine, an electric motor or a combination of these power sources, alternative fuel vehicles (M, N and L) operated on public roads, passenger transport, road transport management systems, reflectors, signs and number plates.

Growing environmental awareness and the increasing awareness of quality implies the need for standardized requirements and test methods.