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Textiles & Leather - Product Testing

Our testing activities provide an extensive array of testing, calibration, inspection and evaluation capabilities across a diverse range of technologies. Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive service of its kind in Southern Africa.

Related Testing on Products

Coloured Textiles and Colorants
Fibres and Yarns
Chemical Analysis
Physical Tests
Dimensional stability and wet tests
Industrial hand protectors (leather and fabric) and leather protective clothing
Leather school bags and school brief-cases
Leather gloves
Ladies' fashion handbags
Soft-top suitcases
Men's and women's leather belts
Leather medicine balls
Chamois leathers
Wet blue chrome-tanned hides
Sheepskins (for medical use)
Chrome-tanned bend outer sole leather
Vegetable-tanned bend outer sole leather
Lining leather (chrome-tanned syntanretanned) side
Printed, side upper leather
Leather welting
Vegetable tanned harness and bridle leathers
Sheepskins (for medical use)
Vegetable-tanned side leather for orthopaedic use
Cordovan and cordovan-type leathers for orthopaedic use
Side upper leather (with a smooth corrected grain)
Side upper leather
Woven fabrics
Knitted fabrics