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Mining & Minerals - Product Testing

Our testing activities provide an extensive array of testing, calibration, inspection and evaluation capabilities across a diverse range of technologies. Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive service of its kind in Southern Africa.

Related Testing on Products

Coal analysis: moisture, swelling index, hardgrove grindability index, proximate analysis: calorific calue, total sulphur, carbon hydrogen, nitrogen, fusibility of ash, chlorine, fluorine, ash constituents, screen analysis samples
Iron-Ore sampling: moisture and chemical content and size grading
Fisher assay
Gray King
Swelling index
Drop Shatter
Wet & Dry tumbling
Cold Storage
Moisture Holding Capacity
Free Silica
Forms of Sulphur
Lifting equipment and jacks for industrial and mining applications
Electrically powered chain hoists
Rail bound rolling stock lifting jacks used for underground and industrial applications
Steel wire rope end connections
Mechanical and electrical undergorund railway track bound equipment
Track work
Safety systems, including signalling devices and control systems
Vertical and inclined shafts
Mechanical equipment, including snatch blocks, winches, ropes, and scoops