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Fibre & Polymer - Product Testing

Our testing activities provide an extensive array of testing, calibration, inspection and evaluation capabilities across a diverse range of technologies. Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive service of its kind in Southern Africa.

The SABS Fibre and Polymer laboratories offer physical, chemical, and performance tests and evaluations for the textile, footwear and clothing Sectors & Services.

Related Testing on Products

Performance testing of knitted, woven and non woven fabrics for apparel, medical and Industrial applications
Testing of sewing thread, ropes, twines, medical products like cotton wool, gauze, plaster of paris, bandages, dressings, sanitary towels, disposable diapers
Other products for testing includes carpets, underlays, filter fabrics, buttons, slide fasteners, touch and close fasteners, coated fabrics, life jackets, swimming aids, personal floating devices, pillows, duvets and blankets
Footwear and Leather testing for safety footwear, PVC and rubber gumboots, school shoes, industrial shoes, retail footwear, leather for upholstery such as auto upholstery, footwear, apparel and luggage, footwear components such as laces, liners, eyelets, toe puffs, toecaps, soling materials, soles, mid soles and much more