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Explosion Prevention - Certification & Assessment

Management system services and solutions

We provide certification and assessment services and training for all of the Explosion Prevention processes, equipment, accessories, services and standards. Auditing and certification is undertaken using specialist assessors in this sector.

Product certification & marks

SABS Product Services offer a Qualification Scheme for the Explosion Prevention Industry. This scheme provides the Explosion Prevention components industry with an independent qualification service that enables them to demonstrate compliance through a qualification certificate.

Related certifications

ISO 16934:2007

Glass in building -- Explosion-resistant security glazing -- Test and classification by shock-tube loading

ISO 16933:2007

Glass in building -- Explosion-resistant security glazing -- Test and classification for arena air-blast loading

ISO 22478:2006

Water quality -- Determination of certain explosives and related compounds -- Method using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV detection

ISO 13702:1999

Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations -- Requirements and guidelines

ISO 6184-2:1985

Explosion protection systems -- Part 2: Determination of explosion indices of combustible gases in air

ISO 6184-3:1985

Explosion protection systems -- Part 3: Determination of explosion indices of fuel/air mixtures other than dust/air and gas/air mixtures

ISO 6184-4:1985

Explosion protection systems -- Part 4: Determination of efficacy of explosion suppression systems

ISO 6184-1:1985

Explosion protection systems -- Part 1: Determination of explosion indices of combustible dusts in air

ISO 8421-7:1987

Fire protection -- Vocabulary -- Part 7: Explosion detection and suppression means

ISO 8130-4:1992

Coating powders -- Part 4: Calculation of lower explosion limit

ISO 10807:1994

Pipework -- Corrugated flexible metallic hose assemblies for the protection of electrical cables in explosive atmospheres