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SABS is a leading business services provider to organizations worldwide, offering a range of services for management system certification, product testing and certification, and standardization.

This includes the standardization in the field of manufacturing, conversion and testing of automotives, including all aspects of their effects on man and his environment relating to activities in the following fields: processes, equipment, accessories, services and standards.

The primary activities carried out in this sector ensure that components and systems produced by the automotive supply industry comply with the relevant standards. The SABS

transportation laboratory is a SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) accredited testing laboratory and is also accredited by the IA TF to certify in accordance with the automotive standards - one of sixty such certification bodies internationally. SABS has representatives that liaise with VDA (German automotive oversight body) regularly to ensure updates on all automotive developments.

Growing environmental awareness and the increasing awareness of quality implies the need for standardized requirements and test methods.