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Agrochemicals - Product Testing

Our testing activities provide an extensive array of testing, calibration, inspection and evaluation capabilities across a diverse range of technologies. Our testing capability is the most extensive and comprehensive service of its kind in Southern Africa.

The Formulation laboratory and Agricultural trial facilities at SABS provide services to the Agrochemical sector for the verification of pesticide chemical formulations and for registration of new formulations with the Registrar under Act 36 of 1947. The laboratory also provides quality control testing of vector pesticides and vector pesticide treated fabrics, such as mosquito nets, destined for distribution in Africa. This facility conducts efficacy testing of both agricultural and domestic pesticides. Such testing consists of field and laboratory trials. The nature of the work performed at these laboratories requires specialised facilities for breeding specific species of mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

Related Testing on Products

Public Hygiene Systems Tested with certain insects reared on the premises or under practical conditions
Pesticide and veterinary residues In edible and non-edible commodities for registration and monitoring purposes