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Procurement & Tenders - Overview

Procurement Policy

It is the policy of the SABS to procure technically and operationally suitable quality products and services at optimum total cost of ownership. As an organ of state the SABS will promote preferential procurement to BBBEE and SMME companies without compromising competitive cost.

Preference will be given to products bearing the SABS mark, on grounds that conformity with the technical requirement is assured.

Preference, but to lesser extent, will be given to suppliers certified to SANS 9001/ISO 9001 by SANAS accredited (or SANAS recognised) certification bodies on grounds that their processes are adequately controlled.


  1. To consolidate total spending in order to achieve economies of scale.
  2. To reduce the total cost of ownership of goods and services.
  3. To set and meet internal BBBEE targets.
  4. To provide internal customers with the value added service and the goods and services which they require to perform their functions.
  5. To uphold SABS’ value system, that is, Respect, Accountability, Fairness and Trust when procuring goods and services.