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Client Comms - COVID19

Dear SABS clients,

South Africa, similar to many countries globally is enacting a nationwide lockdown as part of the global initiative to curb the rate of spread of the Covid-19 virus. In South Africa, the President declared a state of national disaster in terms of The Disaster Management Act, 2002 (the Act).

The implementation of this Act provides the government with the agility it requires to issue regulations which direct how we deal with the pandemic. As citizens, ours is to respond to the call and implement new measures as and when these are announced to ensure we contribute our part in curbing the scourge of Covid-19 for the greater global good.

This may create a situation where it becomes impossible to perform contractual obligations. Our service to you is unfortunately impacted by the implementation of the Act. In an effort to minimize as much as possible this disruption given the global situation, we have made the following operational arrangements for each of our business areas.

Please note that due to the travel restrictions, visitors to the SABS premises are not allowed during this time and samples will only be accepted by prior arrangement. The security personnel will not accept any unplanned deliveries.

The contact centre is available during this period but we request that all queries be logged either through our website or via email:

Standard Sales

Enquires on quotations and subscriptions may be directed to
Enquires on SABS webstore may be directed to, the online store will remain open for business and support.

All SANS standards can still be purchased via the SABS Webstore. Due operational realities caused by the nationwide lock-down, support on the store is limited. We will not be providing telephonic support during this time.

Technical Committee meetings

Local and international Technical committee and working group meetings will be rescheduled and conducted via virtual platforms (i.e. Webex/Zoom) in order to continue with the standards development projects and committee matters. If you have further questions or require further information contact:

SABS Training

All training at the SABS Academy has been suspended until further notice. On-site training at client premises has been postponed and will be rescheduled on a case by case basis.

The training calendar for courses scheduled from 01 May 2020 will still be accessible for registrations using our online registration portal and will be reviewed subject to further government announcements and regulations.

Training Certificates that are outstanding will be issued during the nationwide lock-down period as results are forthcoming following the assessment and moderation process.

Any additional queries or requests for information may be directed to or

SABS Laboratory Services and Samples

Laboratory Services will operate with skeleton staff. You can anticipate some delays due to the restricted operating environment. In this regard take note of the following:

  • Laboratory Services at this time are directed at supporting the on-going supply of quality essential supplies for the country.
  • All samples submitted to laboratories not deemed essential will not be tested due to the nationwide lock-down.
  • International onsite testing has been cancelled in line with the travel embargoes.
  • Local onsite and witness testing has been postponed due to the nationwide lock-down.
  • All test reports finalized before the nationwide lock-down will be issued to respective clients.
  • Testing of non-essential supplies related samples submitted before or during the nationwide lock-down period will resume once normal operations are restored.

The following labs are operational:

  • Food Micro [PTA and CPT]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Fiber & Polymers [Standby]
  • Industrial Chemistry [Standby]
  • Condom lab
  • Cement Lab

If you require testing of a product listed as an essential product in the Regulations issued in terms of the Act, please follow the following process:

  • Email and request a test requisition. In the email please specify which product you require tested.
  • A Testing Manager will be allocated to you to facilitate the testing of the essential product.
  • Once the essential terms and conditions have been agreed, you will be allocated an appointment date for the delivery of the samples. Please ensure that the sample arrives only on the agreed date.


Where certification activities have been completed, Certificates will be issued in line with SABS processes. As an accredited Certification Body, the SABS is following guidance from the IAF ( as issued to our Accreditation Bodies, SANAS and RvA. All activities during the lockdown period including outstanding certification activities (for both surveillance and re-certification audits) will be managed in line with the guidance received from the IAF. Further to the foregoing:

  • New applications - Still accepted, and stage 1 assessments will be conducted remotely if the client is ready. Based on readiness and in compliance with IAF MD 4:2018 guidelines, and guided by our Accreditation bodies, stage 2 audits may be conducted remotely where necessary.
  • Re-certification audits - To be conducted via desktop review and extension granted for 6 months. Site visit within the 6 months will be necessary to extend for the full cycle. As IAF issues new guidance, this will be updated accordingly.
  • Surveillance audits - Desktop review will be carried out & followed by a site visit within the next 6 months
  • ISO 45 001 Migration audits - Desktop review will be carried out & followed by a site visit within the next 6 months

Issuing of Certificates/ Permits:

  • All re-certifications and new applications approved before the nationwide lock-down, shall be printed, signed, scanned and mailed to clients. During the nationwide lock-down, please direct all Certificate queries to:
  • All new permits/ certificates & extensions approved during the lockdown period will only be printed when operations resume. Please direct all queries for permit/certificate updates to:

SABS contacts during lockdown

Contact SABS Customer services by email on: or on our website :

The SABS customer service team has limited but effective capacity. We will ensure that your queries are attended to, however, there could be some delays.

Genuine SABS Certified products

Please check the SABS website to confirm whether the product you intend purchasing, claiming to be SABS Approved, is in fact a valid SABS Approved product. See for all SABS certified products.

We urge consumers to be alert and take precautions when buying hand sanitisers and respiratory masks. There is a substantial rise of illegally branded products displaying fake SABS Marks on NON SABS certified products – these are a real threat to your health and can be harmful and/or ineffective.

Please report suspected fraudulent products to: