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Process for Granting

The management system certification schemes administered by SABS Commercial are available to all organizations of all types and sizes of industries whose systems comply with the requirements of the relevant system standard.

As audit and registration of certification schemes are two discrete processes, there shall be an Approvals Board that verifies the recommendations for certification, suspension and withdrawals of certificates.

Organizations outside the Republic of South Africa may also be accommodated in the system certification schemes. The Standards Act is however, no longer applicable and certification can only be effected through formal registration agreements. For organizations outside the Republic of South Africa, the SABS shall keep an Index of the applicable legislation and auditors have to familiarise themselves with applicable legislature.

Organizations which have been registered by accredited certification bodies other than SABS Commercial SOC (Ltd) and who wish to transfer such registration to SABS Commercial, shall formally apply to SABS Commercial for such transfer. A transfer review and recommendation shall be made by the relevant Business Unit of the status, stability and maturity of the organization’s management system before such transfer is affected. Certificates shall be current at the time of transfer


SABS Commercial reserves the right to decline an application for certification if any conflict with other policies, resources or impartiality exists.

Maintaining Certification

SABS shall perform regular surveillance Audits as follows:

  • Having certified the Organisation, SABS Commercial shall, during the 2 (two) year period immediately following the date of Certification, conduct regular surveillance Audits of the certified Organisation's MS in order to verify continued compliance with the requirements of the Scheme. It may be necessary to conduct Audits at short notice. These may include, but are not limited to:
  • Investigations on complaints;
  • Changes to the scope of the Organisation’s activities, MS or practices;
  • Conducting on-site clearance of non-conformities visits; and
  • Conducting of a recertification Audit after suspension.

Certificate re-issue

Perform a recertification Audit as follows:

  • SABS Commercial shall conduct a recertification Audit of the certified Organisation’s MS before the end of the Certification Cycle
  • The recertification Audit shall be a re-evaluation of the Organisation's MS and will take into consideration a review of the previous year’s Audit results in the Certification Cycle.
  • The Approval Board of SABS Commercial shall review the documented evidence of the process and conclusion of the recertification Audit in order to verify that all the requirements for registration have been met and that the process was conducted in compliance with Scheme accreditation requirements.
  • If, within the discretion of the Approval Board, all requirements for recertification have been met, the Approval Board shall approve the continued registration of the Organization on the Register of Certified Organisations

Repeat the certification cycle as follows:

  • Every 3 (three) years, the Certification Cycle as described above shall be repeated. Accordingly, SABS Commercial shall, following the recertification audit, perform regular surveillance Audits in accordance for a period of 2 (two) years following the date of any recertification and this surveillance shall be followed by a recertification Audit in the third year.

Suspending Certification

Without prejudice to it rights to terminate this Agreement and cancel any Certificate of Registration, SABS Commercial may, within its discretion and upon written notice, suspend the registration of an Organisation due to non-conformance to the requirements of the Relevant Scheme. The Organisation may request voluntary suspension of its Certification due to; moving premises, alterations to facilities and/or production processes, restructuring which may impact on its compliance to the requirements of the Scheme’s certification standard.

SABS Commercial shall inform the Organisation in writing of the suspension decision and the conditions set by its Approval Board, the period of suspension and the reasons for the suspension.

During the period of suspension the Organisation shall:

  • not claim Certification in respect of the Relevant Scheme in any material whatsoever, including, marketing, sales or procurement documents, e.g. tenders;
  • not display the Certificate of Registration or fly the Certification flag on its premises;
  • adhere to any specific instructions and conditions, which SABS Commercial has specified
  • not mislead its customers or the consumer/public in any way whatsoever, regarding its Certification status.
  • Should the above provisions not be complied with, such an action shall be regarded as a material breach of this Agreement and SABS Commercial shall be entitled to take steps it deems necessary against the Organization as provided for in law.
  • The Organisation shall continue to pay the Certification fees

SABS Commercial shall, upon request from any third party, correctly state the status of Certification of the Organization’s MS.

If the Organisation has not corrected the non-compliances by the end of the suspension period, SABS Commercial may immediately terminate the Agreement and cancel the Certificate thereof.

If the Organisation fails to request a reinstatement Audit in the given period and/or is unable to achieve full compliance with the requirements of the relevant Scheme certification standard after the suspension period the Certification shall be withdrawn/cancelled by SABS Commercial and the Certification shall be terminated and all Certificates of Registration shall immediately be returned to SABS Commercial

Termination of Services

In addition to any provisions contained elsewhere in the Agreement, services may by terminated under the following circumstances:

Each Party may terminate the Agreement on giving 30 (thirty) days written notice to the other Party;

In the event of a breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by one party, the party shall give the other (in breach) party, written notification to rectify the breach within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of transmission of such notification. Should the party (in breach) fail to comply, the other party may immediately terminate this Agreement without further notice to the party (in breach) and take any other action relating to this Agreement and/or other legislation applicable in law.

Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, the Organisation shall:

  • Immediately cease use of the Marks;
  • as soon as reasonably practicable but no later than 30 (thirty) days following termination, remove from any establishment or place all representations of the Marks including without limitation all signs or display material bearing the Marks;
  • Deliver (at its expense) to SABS Commercial (or to any person, firm or company nominated by SABS Commercial) such materials in its possession or under its control which reproduce or display the Marks or, at the election of SABS Commercial, destroy such materials and provide SABS Commercial with satisfactory evidence of their destruction;
  • The Organisation shall be entirely responsible to SABS Commercial for any direct damage caused by the unauthorised use of such materials which are not delivered up or destroyed or altered

Termination of services shall be without prejudice to the rights of either Party which may have accrued up to the date of such termination