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Vision and Mission


To be the trusted standardization and quality assurance service provider of choice.


SABS provides standards and conformity assessment services to enable the efficient functioning of the economy.

Core Values

As SABS transforms and moves towards a culture of high performance and quality service provision, it is guided by the following values:

  • Impartiality
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Customer-centricity

Strategic Goals

The SABS provide services that impact on the performance of companies, industries and the economy by lowering the risk of product and service failures while breaking the information asymmetry regarding minimum product quality requirements by the market. The goals of the SABS are aligned with those of the dti and the country. These goals of the SABS encapsulate its mandate and together represent its purpose. In the next five years the SABS will work towards realizing the following goals:

  • To provide standardization and conformity assessment services that facilitate development and regulation of national and regional economic activity, and support the National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF) and Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP)
  • To allow broader participation and access to the national standardization process and services.
  • To develop standards and provide conformity assessment services that protects the integrity of the South African market.
  • To provide the conformity assessment services on a commercial basis.

Strategic Objectives

The SABS strategic objectives are the following:

  • GROWTH: Increasing the uptake of SABS offerings through a customer centred operating model that broaden the scope of services and the geographic footprint and by producing standards making an economic impact.
  • CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Improve the relationships with customers and ensure that the organization is focused on meeting customer expectations and its mandate.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Improve the operational performance of the SABS to deliver quality outputs for customers and other stakeholders.
  • COMPETENT AND EMPOWERED EMPLOYEES: Develop and maintain a pool of competencies for the standardization and conformity assessment services and provide Academy to benefit industry and the technical infrastructure institutions.

Products and Services

The products and services provided by the SABS represent a unique technical infrastructure that not only facilitate trade with foreign markets, but also provide South Africa with standards and conformity assessments to ensure safety and functionality of products and services. The SABS offers the following services to the South African economy:

  • Development, promotion and maintenance of the South African National Standards;
  • Testing and Auditing of products for conformity to the requirements set in the standards;
  • Certification products, services and processes/systems for conformity to standards;
  • Academy and advisory services on the content and use of standards; and
  • Promotion of industrial design in the country.